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Reports for FY
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+ R1.Beneficiary Detail
+ R3.Demand and Allocation of Works
+ R5.Physical Progress
+ R7.Financial Progress
+ R9. Social Audit
+ R11.Graphical Data Analysis
+ R13.Kaam Maango Abhiyaan
+ R15. Relative Performance
+ R17. CFT Report
+ R19. DBT Reports
+ R21. Mobile Monitoring System
+ R23. Barefoot Technician
+ R25. Digital Payments
+ R27. Saksham Capacity Building
+ R2.Planning of Works/SRDP
+ R4.Musteroll and Wagelist
+ R6.Work Progress
+ R8.e-FMS Reports
+ R10.Grievance Redressal
+ R12.Data Status
+ R14.Delay Compensation
+ R16. Staff Registration
+ R18. Drought/Agriculture/Irrigation Related Report
+ R20.Report for IPPE/IPPE2
+ R22. Livelihoods in Full Employment (LIFE) Project
+ R26. Focus Area Progress